Making Sense of SASE

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I’m really curious to see how many exhibitors at this year’s RSAC are touting a SASE strategy and/or solution. Wait. You don’t know what SASE is? Then permit me to fill you in by liberally borrowing from its conceptual creators (see Gartner, “The Future of Network Security Is in the Cloud” – published August 30,…

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How to Use Compelling Content to Rise Above the Noise

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In our three-part blog series “Struggling to Rise Above the Noise in the Cybersecurity Marketplace,” we’ve looked at how to build a solid foundation and then use that information to create compelling content. In this third post, we’ll show you how to deploy content to attract the attention of your potential buyers and convert them…

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Competitive Analysis Pays Off

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The first blog post in this series explained how competitive analysis is necessary but difficult, while the second blog post discussed how to undertake an effective competitive analysis project. In this final installment, we offer suggestions for providing the benefits of your competitive analysis project to various groups in your organization. These include not only…

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