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Fractional Marketing

For clients who need help beyond content projects, AimPoint Group offers Fractional Marketing Support. This service delivers experienced marketers during those times when you need an extra set of hands, specific expertise, or an interim professional.

Retainers with Flexibility

What sets us apart is that although you contract for a target number of hours a week - 15, 20, 25, for example - we won't bill you for time you don't use. Like the rest of APG's services, we're flexible, reliable, and aim to please. We'll work with you as much or as little as you need.

"Panorays has worked with APG's fractional CMOs for more than two years, and they have delivered messaging that resonates with the market, content that engages prospects, and programs and campaigns that generate pipeline - all the while enabling and guiding team members. Moreover, they've been wonderful to work with - I've appreciated their deep expertise and guidance. It's been an excellent partnership."

Matan Or-El
Co-Founder & CEO, Panorays

Making Your Perfect Match

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To get started, we'll match you with one of our seasoned Fractional Marketing Consultants, who brings the experience you are looking for, whether it's to:

  • Drive marketing while you hire a full-time CMO or VP of Marketing
  • Design a go-to-market strategy to target ideal customers
  • Architect an entire content strategy and/or deliver ongoing content
  • Launch a new product or feature to prospects and customers
  • Create and/or manage ongoing demand gen programs and campaigns
  • Handle your social media across multiple channels
  • Enable sales with competitive analyses, battlecards, and scripts

Experience High-Impact

APG's Fractional Marketing Consultants have helped customers launch out of stealth, design product-led growth initiatives, introduce new features and programs, manage ongoing content production and promotion, drive qualified leads into the pipeline, and close new business.

So whether you need a fractional CMO or VP of Marketing, Content Marketing Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Demand Generation Manager, or Digital Marketing Manager, APG can help.

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