Launch Checklist: 29 Steps to a Successful Company or Product Launch

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We recently blogged about the key considerations for planning the perfect introduction of your product or company. This is the TL:DR version of those posts. If you’d like the full versions, please read part one here and part two here.

Phase One: Getting Started

  • Hire your team and external vendors
  • Clarify your marketing goals and timeline
  • Define your ideal customer profile
  • Understand your value proposition
  • Set your strategy

Phase Two: Positioning and Messaging

  • Decide which archetype and marketing metaphor to use
  • Create your positioning
  • Select your messaging pillars and unique selling proposition
  • Choose voice and tone
  • Create visual brand, including logo, brand elements, stationery, and templates

Phase Three: Website and Collateral

  • Decide if you’ll have an MVP website or full website
  • Decide whether you’ll hire an agency or create with in-house resources
  • Scope out navigation and page elements
  • Write, review, edit, and finalize copy
  • Create design based on visual brand identity
  • Develop website
  • Lay out all supporting collateral: data sheets, white papers, case studies, solution briefs, company/product brochures
  • Create or purchase any other supporting materials: explainer videos, customer interview videos, ROI calculator, analyst report reprints

Phase Three, Part Two: Launch Planning

  • Choose PR agency and plan outreach to influencers
  • Train executive team on media relations and key messages
  • Hold embargoed calls with media and analysts
  • Confirm launch date and write news release(s)
  • Build out social media channels, ad copy and PPC accounts, set up content syndication programs, email marketing, and events calendar
  • Decide if launch is concurrent with an event, and if so, plan event
  • Ensure marketing operations/automation is fully functioning

Phase Four: Launch!

  • Publish website
  • Go live with news release and/or event
  • Push programs to production
  • Update social media channels with news

That’s a quick overview of the key steps involved in a launch. If you’ve ever launched a product or company before, you know that behind each checkmark is a huge to-do list. And sometimes, it’s hard to find the right help. That’s why we created AimPoint Group. Our elite team is comprised of former cybersecurity marketing executives and technology experts who can help you craft the perfect launch plan, take your company through visual and verbal branding, and work on all elements of a successful marketplace introduction, including a complete content portfolio.

Contact us today for a free strategy session; together, we’ll look at your needs and map the best path forward.